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Shot power. Point control. Match winners. The Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation is designed to help you hit harder. So however you play your game, you can now play it better. Take it to the next level.


Explosive power.
Enhanced stability.
Increased durability.

Explosive power

Power with comfortSonic Core Infinergy® material is located at the 2 and 10 positions within the racket head. It greatly enhances the swing weight of the racket which helps generate explosive power. The superior rebound properties of the Infinergy® material also has impressive dampening properties and reduces vibrations by up to 37% vs a standard carbon fibre Dunlop racket.

Enhanced stability

Enhanced power and stabilityGet a firm bite and enhanced shot power, thanks to the optimised rigidity from a V-shaped cross-section.**Only available on Revelation 125/135

Increased durability

Reduced friction, increased durabilityA unique polymer containing microbeads of MOS2 mineral that reduce friction interaction between grommet and string by up to 27%, allowing greater string movement for enhanced power. Glidepolymer also reinforces the polymer matrix increasing durability and grommet life by up to 40%.


Sonic Core Revelation Pro

Explode your shot powerHit shots with real impact. An open-throat frame shape packs extra power, while the smaller 490 sq cm head size delivers extra precisions and control.

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Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite

Explode your shot power with lighter weight and easy maneuverabilityHit shots with real impact. This lighter update to the Revelation Pro features a ligther head balance, making it maneurerable and quick arounf the court. It’s ideal for you if you’re an intermediate or advanced player.

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Sonic Core Revelation 125

Feel raw powerA larger head size and thicker aero beam packs more punch into your game.

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Sonic Core Revelation 135

Hit harder than ever beforePacks more power thanks to the mix of larger head, thicker aero beam and the 14x18 Powermax string pattern. The most powerful Dunlop performance racket.

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