Choose Your XXIO

Which Is Right For You?

XXIO equipment is purpose built for golfers with driver swing speeds below 100mph. See below and discover which set is perfect for your game.

XXIO 12 Family

XXIO Twelve combines lightweight design with extreme counterbalancing for a distinct sense of ease and lightness with every swing.

Swing Speed: 80mph – 95mph

Handicap: Mid - High

Ball Flight: Straight

XXIO Prime Family
XXIO Prime

Revel in the luxury performance of XXIO Prime. Our lightest golf clubs, Prime offers a higher ball flight and extreme forgiveness on every shot.

Swing Speed: Below 80mph

Handicap: Mid – High

Ball Flight: Draw Biased

XXIO 12 Family
XXIO X(eks)

X brings lightweight design to the player's category. Featuring a composite driver and forged irons, X delivers lightweight performance for a skilled player.

Swing Speed: 90mph – 100mph

Handicap: Low - Mid

Ball Flight: Workable