We are Dunlop

We’re driven by an all-consuming passion for the game – playing it, improving it, sharing it. And the game belongs to everyone. No matter where, how well, or how often you play.

So we give every player access to the same, beautifully designed, technically sophisticated sports products. Empowering you to wring every drop of joy from your game and to make every match you play, the very best it can be.

We do this by understanding there is no end goal. Just an unending series of incremental improvements that make our products lighter, stronger, faster. That help you take control of a crucial match. To find that little extra something to chase down the next victory. Then the next.

For more than 130 years, this love of the game is what’s driven us.


John Boyd Dunlop invents and patents the pneumatic tyre for racing bicycles. An invention that revolutionised the cycle and automotive industry.


Commercial tyre production begins and the Dunlop brand is born.


Dunlop enters the sports market by launching its first golf ball. Dunlop opens its first tyre factory in Kobe, Japan, now the global headquarters for the brand.


Dunlop enters the tennis ball market with a new chemical-inflation and vulcanization, production process. This results in much greater product quality and consistency.


Dunlop launches the revolutionary and iconic Maxply tennis racket. A model that would become the world’s most famous racket for the next 50 years and was used by some of the game’s true legends, including Rod Laver, Virginia Wade and John McEnroe.


For the first time, there are more Dunlop rackets at Wimbledon than any other brand. Helen Jacobs is the first Ladies Champion to win with Dunlop.


Lew Hoad wins Wimbledon, and the Australian and French Opens with his Dunlop Maxply racket.


Dunlop introduces the new ‘Flying D’ logo.


Rod Laver wins all four Grand Slams in a single year using Dunlop Maxply rackets.


Dunlop legend Jonah Barrington wins the first of his seven British Open squash titles.


Rod Laver achieves his second, career-calendar year Grand Slam using Dunlop Maxply rackets. He remains the only man in history to have achieved this.


Dunlop launches the game-changing 150G racket – the first injection moulded carbon fibre racket.


John McEnroe signs for Dunlop and beats Bjorn Borg in the Wimbledon final with his Maxply Fort racket.


Dunlop launches the legendary 200G, injection-moulded, carbon fibre racket is launched.


Steffi Graf becomes the only player in history (male or female) to win the ’Golden Slam’ - all four Grand Slam titles and Olympic Gold in the same calendar year – all using her Dunlop 200G racket. Dunlop sells its one millionth injection-moulded racket.


Thomas Johansson wins the Australian Open with his Dunlop Muscle Weave racket.


Amelie Mauresmo wins Wimbledon with her Dunlop M-FIL 300 racket.


Amr Shabana wins the last of his four World Open squash titles using his Dunlop Aerogel racket.


Nick Matthews wins the first of his three Commonwealth Games Gold medals.


Greg Gaultier wins his first World Open squash title.


Sumitomo Rubber Industries acquires global rights to the Dunlop sports brand.

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