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Dunlop’s full line of tennis strings help you play your best tennis. Offered in polyester or multifilament options, Dunlop provides an option for every type of player. Power. Spin. Comfort. Durability. Find the ideal strings for you and take your performance to the next level.

Explosive Spin

Play Smoother Shots

Super premium polyester string for spin and control on a high performance level. Monofilament super premium polyester which offers power and good durability. Hexagonal outer profile boosts friction and spin.

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Explosive Bite

Play Smoother Shots

Premium polyester string for maximum spin and comfort. Mono-filament premium polyester for a high level of comfort. Unique 3-sided outer profile achieves ultimate levels of spin.

Explosive Tour

Play Smoother Shots

Premium polyester string delivering comfort and control. Mono-filament premium polyester carefully adjusted in the production process for increased comfort. Standard rounded outer profile.


Explosive Speed

Play Smoother Shots

Premium polyester string delivering maximum speed and power. Mono-filament premium polyester for a high level of speed. Rounded outer profile boosts speed and power.


Power & Comfort

When you’re a precision player seeking unmatched control, look no further than Silk. Silk offers greater consistency, command, and feel while maintaining the power you need to hit it through the court.

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Silk Spin

Spin & Comfort

For players seeking more spin and additional comfort, the Silk Spin suits your game. With a unique Hexagonal shape, Silk Spin provides extra spin with enhanced feel so you can hit those precise shots all over the court.

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NT MAX PLUS (Polyester)

Power & Control

The revolutionary NT Max Plus string system allows for long lasting tension hold and durability. The special surface structure of the NT Max Plus provides greater ball control, acceleration and power.

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Black Widow (Polyester)

Spin & Power

Get more power and spin into your game with Black Widow. This unique 7-sided performance string is designed for quicker rebound and higher bounce-back at impact, producing exceptional spin and speed so you can execute the most demanding shots and be in total control of every point.

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S-Gut (Synthetic Gut)

Performance & Durability

When you’re looking for long-lasting, consistent performance, S-Gut Strings are right for you. Built from the finest synthetic gut material, S-Gut was engineered for high performance, high durability, and high standards.

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Explosive (Polyester)


A powerful, premium co-polyester string, the Explosive is ideal for players who desire maximum power and spin.

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