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Mini Squash Balls (3-Pack)




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FUN (Ages 5-7) Large/High Bounce

Designed for children ages 5-7 and absolute beginners into the game of squash, Highly visible red color and larger size make an easier target.

Specs: 3x Balls - Mini Red Ball

PLAY (Ages 8-10) Slightly Oversized

Designed for children ages 7-10. With a slightly higher bounce and a longer hang-time than a standard pro ball, these balls make it easier for kids to learn and master their strokes before migrating to a more advanced ball. Slightly oversized with easier playability.

Specs: 3x Balls - Mini Orange Ball

COMPETITION (Ages 11+) Std

Designed for children of age 11 and up, these balls have a slightly higher bounce and longer hang time than a pro ball, but still bounce lower than the Orange squash balls. Standard Squash Ball Size.

Specs: 3x Balls - Mini Green Ball

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