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Purchase Performance-Boosting Dunlop Tennis Rackets

Dunlop engineers some of the world’s most technically designed tennis rackets that are specialized for your style of play. Featuring real innovations for avid tennis players or tour professionals, such as Top-10 player in the world Kevin Anderson, Dunlop tennis rackets take your game to the next level and help you dominate your next match.

Find the Right Dunlop Tennis Racket for You

Featuring different performance lines depending on your personal preferences, Dunlop developed a racket that fits the needs of every kind of player. Enhanced with Sonic Core Technology, Dunlop’s tennis rackets allow you to play with more power and comfort, allowing you to take control of your match.

Whether you are a tour pro, club player, junior, or beginner, Dunlop offers an innovative tennis racket to suit your needs. Explore the full line of Dunlop racket offerings and start playing better tennis today.

CV Series Tennis Rackets

The Dunlop CV Series tennis rackets were designed with one thing in mind: more power. Recently awarded the Editor’s Choice for “Best New Line” by Tennis Magazine, the CV Series combines power and spin together in one package without sacrificing any feel or comfort. Featuring a new aerodynamic frame profile, the CV Series allows easy access to power allowing you to force the match upon your opponent.

Relied upon by Aga Radwanska on the WTA Tour, the CV Series helps you enhance your power game via an enlarged sweet spot in the rackets. Available in six different options, the entire CV Series line features Sonic Core Technology to help you play with more power and comfort.

The CV Series racket line consists of two different frame styles: the CV Series that focuses on speed and spin, while the CV F Series provides speed, power and comfort in a more rounded profile.

CX Series Tennis Rackets

Designed to offer pinpoint control, the Dunlop CX Series allows you to swing aggressively and keep your opponent rooted to the baseline. Built for ultimate precision, the CX Series rackets provide a crisp, solid feeling so you can hit penetrating shots on a consistent basis.

Engineered with the Peak Shifter Frame, the CX Series allows for higher shot trajectory with more speed and higher bounce angle to keep your opponent off balance.

Trusted by Kevin Anderson, top-10 player on the ATP Tour, the CX Series rackets help you stay in command of your all-around game and dictate the game to your opponent.

CZ Series Tennis Rackets

The CZ Series line from Dunlop provides the ultimate blend of power and control. Lightweight and versatile, the CZ Series tennis rackets provide added power, stability and spin. 

CS Series Tennis Rackets

Developed to help players feel completely comfortable with their racket, the new CS Series tennis rackets from Dunlop provide an oversized, game-improvement option for players seeking easy power generation. Featuring an enhanced sweet spot with a lightweight frame, play with power, comfort and focus with the new CS rackets.

Dunlop Junior Tennis Rackets

Dunlop’s Nitro junior rackets are lightweight, durable offerings that come in five different lengths, weights, and head sizes to fit the needs of junior players of all ages.

Dunlop Apex Pro

Choose a pre-strung option from Dunlop with the APEX Pro 3.0 tennis racket. Hit shots with a crisp, solid feel and plenty of spin. Discover the perfect blend of power and control.

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